Getting people to access you Facebook page can be a challenge; however, through the use of Facebook ‘check-ins,’ you can quickly boost you online traffic.

When online people can view their friends checking into a number of different places. They essentially get to see what products, as well as brands, that person is viewing and choosing. It is not only where they are but, also acts as a digital word of mouth. If someone sees their friend ‘check-in’ at a certain store this has a knock on effect and impacts a colleague, friend or family member. Therefore, this is likely to have a bigger impact than the general sponsored adverts on Facebook.

In addition, a component of Facebook ‘check-in’ is the revolution of Facebook’s Graph Search, it is now possible for Facebook users to input their own interests in the search engine as well as recommendations from their friends. The basis of a ‘check-in’ is an effortless way to gather information from a vast number of people, resulting in more users. Right now we have gone through understanding why a ‘check-in’ is an important process, but what is the best way for people to start doing it?

Give them something:

One of the best ways to get someone to do something is to give them a discount; this can be done by giving them part, or all, of the product for free. Another way of spreading the word is to offer group discounts, which can be useful in public places, such as bars and cafes. A loyalty discount card can also be used, an example of this is when a customer has ‘checked-in’ 10 times so they are now entitled to a special discount. This effectively promotes your company and tactically encourages Facebook ‘check-ins’.


One of the main reasons customers do not ‘check-in’ to businesses via Facebook is because it is not a method that is widely used, as well as it not being something they do on a regular basis. Therefore visual cues might be a useful aid to encourage users to ‘check-in’. As smartphones are used everywhere and every day, a lot of customers will be able to ‘check-in’ and are sometimes offered free Wi-Fi as it is an incentive to do so. Customers can ‘check-in’ at a store using a tablet and like a business’ very own Facebook page. This could be essential when combined with the discounts as mentioned above for promoting the business.

Get people chatting:

Word of mouth is the last, but not least, element to gain more ‘check-ins’. This is done by passionately telling family, friends or anyone and everyone about the advantages of your business as well as when they visit the store.

These factors are a few ways to promote your business effectively through social media via the process of ‘check-ins.’


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