Back in the olden days (Not too long ago) 250 words was the number that was thrown about for the optimum amount of words to get noticed and loved by Google.

Today, it’s an entirely different story. 250 words is now described as content lacking and with no real answer to the standard “how many words is right for Google” question, what do we do?

A case study recorded that longer blog posts (over 1,500 words) position better in Google.

A different article stated that we’re in the “age of skimming” and readers don’t want to read a long wordy article. With anything too long leading to it not even being read at all.

So what do writers even do?

Forget what Google wants, and just focus on pushing out great content that your readers will love.

– Throw your ‘theories’ out.

Everyone has different methods; something long-form copy doesn’t work in todays fast paced world. Some studies show the opposite.  Neil Patel found that long-form content positioned higher and concluded that it converted better from a business point of view.

It’s easy for you to say that people won’t read it. But that’s wrong, if you are providing value, people will read it simply for that. As Seth Godin says, “Please, give me something long (but make it worth my time.)”

– Ask the audience.

Find out what they really want, ask them! You need to understand the reason you are writing these articles in the first place. Being high on google does nothing if the content doesn’t add value to your audience. There is loads of free software out there that you can use to get your audience’s opinion. If you can’t find it, please call us.

– Analyse, Analyse and analyse again.

Where are people leaving? How long are they staying on for? What headlines are drawing them in and keeping them here. Check.

– Tighten up your writing.

Don’t over spam words just to hit numbers. Write what the article needs if you think you can summarise in 200 words, then do that. If you think its needs 2,000 words then do that. But remember you audience will leave as soon as you get off the point.

The last thing you need to think is, have I mentioned everything I can? Has given value that overshadows objections?  Have I connected with my reader?

Hopefully, Yes.

It’s just not that hard.

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