For those of you who are keen fans of live-streaming, Blab is a must. Blab is the latest platform in streaming video that lets you develop your online presence and create a community. Unlike Periscope and Meerkat, Blab allows users to engage in full interactions with the host.

The service is now available on desktop and iOS with plans to release an Android. Users can use the streaming service to host their own live videos with up to three other people. If there are empty seats during your stream people can request a seat and as moderator you can accept or deny. The moderator of the conference is in charge of who else can stream alongside them.

While the stream is live, any viewer can chat and tweet with other users. Not only does Blab let you communicate with endless users at once, your streaming time is limitless.

When you start using Blab, make sure to use the same account as you do for Twitter. Not only does this make your set up a lot more simple and straight forward but in terms of branding and online, your presence becomes a lot more recognisable.

Once you have set up your account, start following people to receive notifications about when they’re blabbing and what about. To find people, just search them by name or by their Twitter handle.

Now your Blab account is ready to go, when you’re ready to start streaming just hit the purple button next to your profile picture. You can also schedule your Blab sessions in advance.

If you’re the moderator of the stream you then have the option of recording the stream. After the session you will have the stream saved as two files, a mp3 and mp4. You can then upload these files as a video to youtube or as a podcast. This will eventually give you an achieve of videos that users will be able to re-watch again and again.

One of the other feature that makes Blab stand out from the crowd is the command options. during your live-stream, viewers can type “/Q” to ask a question which will put the word ‘question’ in a grey box and highlight it to the seat holders. Likewise the host can type ‘topic’ to change the topic of the stream.

Another stand out feature of Blab is ‘props’. Much like hearts on Periscope, Blab offers the viewers the opportunity to praise the host of the show during their live stream by clicking on a pair of hands, known as ‘feels’. At the end of the stream, Blab will show who has received the most feels during the show.

While blogging was the first major platform for businesses, video streaming has taken over as one of the most important platforms for marketing and branding. It is now more important than ever for you and your company to start making use of Blab.

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