When it comes to social networks, we as a social media agency have to be on top of them. Whether it be Yubl, Shou, PopJam, Steller or the numerous other networks, you probably haven’t heard of. We just jump on them, lurk, have a play around and see where they are going and whether or not we should get any of our clients involved.

I’ve been lurking on Musical.ly for a while, and decided to take a plunge, to see how it really worked. Why the younger demographic is flooding it right now, and why almost every 15-year-old kid I know is obsessed with it. I understood it straight away. I understood it because almost everywhere I looked it was full of that demographic, it was almost hard to find someone who was over the age of 20. If I did find someone at that age, then they were some form of celebrity. So it reiterated something that I’ve always thought, and it may sound brutal, but it’s true.

Parents, ruin everything. 

Now, parents, I’m not saying this in a negative way. But it’s really true. Take a look at Facebook and see how many 13-year old’s are there? Far, far less than ever before. I was at a gathering around 3 months ago, and it sounds weird, but I always ask the young ones what social networks they are using, because generally they are the up and coming, or the soon to be big apps. I spoke to a 14-year oldish girl, what she was using and she said “Instagram, Musical.ly and Snapchat, but more snapchat and musical.ly”. So what do you learn from this?

Well, you learn that the younger demographic is avoiding the networks where the “older” folk are. Because they don’t believe that they belong there.

So, why do we look at all of these up and coming social networks, even when they have next to no users? Well, in my opinion, and I can’t say there is any data behind this. It is just my opinion. I believe that the new networks that come into fruition, will first be taken on by the young ones, and then age up to the older generation.

My reasoning, young people make it cool, then their parents want to be “down with the kids” and then they get involved. Then it becomes uncool because “old” folk are there. It’s an everlasting cycle.

It happened with Facebook, it’s happening with Instagram, and it will happen with the next wave.

So, for now, Musical.ly is a 10-16 year old social network. But hold me to this, in 6 years, their parents will be on there. Then it won’t be ‘cool’.


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