It comes as no surprise to hear that employees that are happy outperform their co-workers by roughly 20%.

Recent research by LinkedIn found that as many as 58% of users are proud of their work and their company and are more than happy to talk about what they do, even on social media. Your positive energy will spread, so more cheerful staff means more satisfied customers.

How do you get your employees happy and motivated? It is a much easier said than done, but there are some things you can do to try and create a happy and positive work atmosphere.

The first thing you should do to improve the work environment is embraced your company’s culture. This is something you should be doing through social media, you make a point of regularly sharing company culture in the office, this will clarify your visions and values.

If you’re unsure where to start some simple things you can do are: share your employees’ ideas, share events and social occasions with the team and promote content for the office environment.

The happiest employees are often considered to be the ones who feel like their hard work is appreciated. By allowing your employees to make critical decisions and giving them credit for them, you will be fulfilling this need and likely receive a happy employee in return.

Every member of your team will want to feel as though their contributions matter, a simple way for you to do this is to show that you are listening to everyone. To do this you can set aside time to allow everyone their say, this gives each team player their time in the spot light and the chance to be heard.

Something you should try to avoid as best you can is micromanagement. By allowing your employees space to breathe and do their job, you are proving that you trust them, and a trusted employee is much more likely to be a happy one.

Finally, you should welcome their feedback, the more involved you team is the greater sense of community there will be in the office.

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