For anyone who is part of a large company, getting noticed is no simple task. Everyone else is trying to climb the ladder, just as you are, so you need to stand out. Not just stand out to your bosses and colleagues but to clients and customers. Relationship-building is now crucial in any job and there are some simple rules about it.

1. How can I help? Before you start to ask someone for a favour, try offering them something. This will show them that you’re a team player and that you’re a reliable hard worker.

2. Be over- prepared. Never let yourself get caught out. If you’re ever in the position where you need to speak or present, you need to plan, prepare and then prepare some more. When you finally get the chance to show yourself off, you don’t want that to be the moment when you draw a blank.

3. Professionalism is key. It’s impossible to work with people for 5 days a week and not make friends. While it is great to have work friends, it is important to keep up your professional appearance, this goes for social media too.

4. Know the line. There will come a time in almost any profession when you will be faced with a tough, ethical issue, possibly even legal. You need to know where the line that cannot be crossed is.

5. Know the difference. People commonly make the mistake, just because someone has a prime position, it doesn’t mean they are influential. It someone if influential, position will follow.

6. Intelligence is key. Being the loudest person in the room will not leave people very impressed. What will impress is being concisely intelligent, making relevant and helpful comments.

7. Learn, learn, learn. Everything is a learning opportunity, so keep your eyes and ears at the ready. Remember that listening is often more important than speaking, you never learn anything by speaking, but you do by listening.

8. Your word means something. Keeping to your word means something, it means you’re reliable. If you say you will do something and you never do, this speaks volumes about you, and unfortunately these things aren’t good.

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