The days of network marketing being a lazy day of socialising with a side of selling make up are long gone. Companies such Avon have reinvented the way we perceive network marketing and now thousands of people are looking to be part of the experience.

With competition getting more and more fierce, it’s important for anyone trying to build up their network marketing reputation to follow these six simple tips.

1. Pick carefully. When you’re thinking about which company to be part of, you need to consider how stable they are and whether they’re going to be a good fit for you. If they’re the exciting new business on the block, either give them a bit of time or apply somewhere else, it is better to apple to a well known, stable company that won’t be letting you down.

2. Think about the products. Does the company offer a one off service or products/ services that customers will need more of? There’s no wrong answer, but just think about which is best for you before starting your network marketing opportunity blindly.

3. Think about the money. All network marketing opportunities have a unique financial set up. So, there are two things you need to think about: what percentage of each sale goes to the distributors? and how fairly is money shared between the distributors?

4. Do a background check. It doesn’t harm to investigate the experience of the CEO in the industry and the reputation of the company. The more you know about the business before you start the better.

5. Timing. As well as looking at the CEO and the company’s background, take a look at where the business is at this moment in time. It’s important that the company is moving forward, you don’t want to become part of a branch of network marketing that is slowing down.

6. Does it have a system? The network marketing opportunity you have jumped aboard may tick all of the above boxes, but if it doesn’t train you properly or have strong system in place, then maybe it’s not the company for you. A lot of businesses use mentors to train new staff, this is where new members can be made to feel welcomed to the network marketing family and it is important that this isn’t missed out.

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