Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world. With this in mind, any business should be looking to capitalise on its popularity and huge net traffic to strike up interest in their business. However, Facebook for people who have never used it before can be quite a daunting to set up. So, below are the top 5 Facebook words that you need to learn to master the social platform.


Every website nowadays needs you to sign in, and Facebook is no different. On Facebook your account is called your profile. A profile consist of your name, your profile picture (a picture of yourself), a banner image (a picture to go at the top of your profile) and some basic information about yourself, such as where you work, went to school, or live.


A status is very simple. Similar to a tweet on Twitter, a status is an update. It can be posted in the form of a picture, a video, or text. Users use it to update people who they are friends on Facebook with, or who have liked their page, on their latest news. It’s a fantastic way to keep people up-to-date with your business and keep them in the loop.


Word number three is friend. A friend on Facebook is a little different to a friend in real life. On Facebook it means that you and another profile or account are connected, you thus receive their statuses on your newsfeed, keeping you up-to-date on their lives. However, there is a way to be friends on Facebook without seeing all of their updates on your newsfeed.


On Facebook you can also follow people. When you become friends with someone on Facebook you automatically begin following them. This is why their statuses appear on your newsfeed. Nevertheless, if you want be friends with someone and not see their statuses on your wall, you can very easily unfollow them.


Word number five is newsfeed, on it are status of people, things, places, that you follow. Whenever one of the aforementioned accounts posts a status, it pops up on your newsfeed for your viewing pleasure. Minutes within creating a Facebook account and adding people I can assure you that this feed will fill up in no time. Facebook users are very, very talkative!


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