Instagram is currently the fastest growing major social media networking platform on the internet and it doesn’t look like it’s popularity will be slowing down any time soon.

It’s a place where people give voice to their aesthetic and share it with the world through photos and sometimes an inspirational quote or two.

Add the right hashtags and hit the right audience and your post can reach potentially hundreds of thousands of people – but how do you succeed?

Here, we offer 3 top tips to win at Instagram.

1) It’s all about the quality

You have to get the best shots in the best light; settling for just an ‘alright’ photo won’t do. Anyone can post a photo of a pond, but seeing the texture of the rocks through the water and almost sensing what they feel like is the level of definition you have to aim for. Don’t compromise the quality of images and get to know the power of a photo on someone’s emotions. Go into the photography with the mindset of a professional; show every single detail, shoot with high definition, show specifics, capture aesthetics, make it unique and make it stand out. You need to make people feel something when they see your photos, so create art.

2) Consistency, consistency, consistency

An element overlooked by many, a consistent profile is key to success as it appeals to audiences and makes your profile identifiable. Consistency refers to deliberate colour themes, filters and styles. Having a definitive palette means that when people come to looking at your Instagram and see the thumbnails, they will notice a pattern and is generally one of the factors that keeps them looking at it longer. For example, you could have a soft tone with pastel colours, or a bright, vibrant and busy theme going on. Either way, a consistent theme is one way to make your profile recognisable and memorable to your audience.

3) Be aspirational

Your images should appeal to what your audience want. If you post a picture of a place or setting, they should want to go there and travel. If you post a picture of food, they should want to eat it. A photo can be so powerful it can trigger emotions; use this to inspire your audience to want to actively change what they’re doing because of something they’ve seen on your profile. If something creates a strong emotional response within you, recreate this to relate to your audience, being consistent with your visual style so that is represents your profile. The most important thing to Instagramming is standing out – make your profile

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