Make life easier for yourselves by watching what major players are doing, and recreate your version. While some may think of this process as hacking or optimisation, we think of it as a heavily results-driven marketing technique.

The major difference between the established global brands and fresh start-ups is traction. It is traction that brought a wide variety of founders and champions of growth such as tech giants: Twitter, LinkedIn, and PlentyofFish to Vancouver.

When marketing your products, you should try to think of the two elements together. The temptation is to carry out these two activities separately, but the reality is that your product is often your strongest marketing asset.

CEO and founder of famed dating site PlentyofFish, Markus Frind has been noted to have made waves in the industry by single-handedly marketing his website, reaching 15 million global users with $10 million in revenue.

It was also insisted by Ryan Holmes, founder and CEO, that Hootsuite only outlasted competitors such as Seesmic and TweetDeck as it invested primarily in the product as opposed to advertising and PR.

A third example would be the online education marketplace Udemy. Dinesh Thiru, the Vice President of the marketplace, has recently said that the main metrics are revenue and student happiness. Much like the process of uploading content, Udemy examines the quantity as well as the quality of users it is acquiring, this information helps the company focus on sales.

One of the best things you can do for your company is to research and understand your main goals, and then find a similar company on a larger scale. You can then further your research and apply what they have done to your marketing and selling.

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