Relationship marketing was launched as a way in which marketing reacted from direct marketing campaigns to help generate higher rates of customer retention and satisfaction rather than focusing purely on strong forced sales targets.

When we look for brands using relationship marketing it is hard to come by as most large firms aim to maximise their bottom line and don’t focus on a long term brand relationship. But that isn’t all relationship marketing is, its much more than that and its much easier to do now through the use of social media and the internet – there is no excuse!

1) Keep customers engaged

Make sure that you are actively keeping your customers in the loop with everything that is happening, regular tweets which promote a response by them is key – make it as easy as possible for them to interact with your brand.

2) Give a crap!

No one likes fake love, you have to really care about your customers for them to care back, if they have an issue make it your number one concern that it gets sorted. You have to make that customer feel as if you did everything and more to rectify whatever issue they had. If not, you have just created the worst type of customer – a hater who won’t stop spreading the bad news.

3) Get out there.

Look for them, Twitter search is great and with such great tools it gives you everything you need to get out there and interact with your target market. The great thing with Twitter especially is that when you engage with someone it doesn’t seem weird, twitter is open and use it to your advantage.

4) Find our what they love

Find out what makes your audience tick and reward loyal users. Like actually. If you have a customer who is engaging well and is pleasant both offline and online, why not turn them into a life long fanatic and give them something for free. That shows you both care and know what they love.
Relationship marketing isn’t hard, but being consistent and effective at it is.

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