Facebook is vast and there are a ton of words to learn to master Facebook. So, due to the ever-expanding list, here are some need to know Facebook words to learn and put to good use.

Facebook messenger

Being friends with people on Facebook was discussed in a previous blog post. It essentially allows you to connect with other Facebook profiles. However, being friends with someone has other benefits, it allows you to message them on Facebook messenger. Facebook messenger is an appliance created by Facebook to allow users to instant message each other. Think email, but faster and instant, where replies are much, much sooner. Using Facebook manager to talk to contacts and clients is great as it forces replies to be faster, and also creates a more informal setting than email.


A tag, or to tag someone, is another key Facebook buzz word. When you tag someone in a status you send them a notification (more on those later,) essentially inviting them to view what you have just posted. If people click the tag, they are directed to the tagged users Facebook profile. Tagging people is a great way to share your content and get its views rising.


On the Facebook page, near the top, is a small blue globe. This is the notification icon. Next to it may be a number, if there is a number there, you’re in luck! You have a notification! Notifications are interactions that you have with other Facebook users. They can be created by tagging, or a like, or a share.


Liking something on Facebook is easy. Similar to a Twitter favorite, it simply means that you like the posted item, such as a picture or a status. When you like the item, a notification pops up next to the posters notification globe. People can count up their likes to judge popularity. What people like often flags up in their friend’s newsfeed, grabbing your company even more exposure, fantastic!


A share is very similar to a Twitter re-tweet. When you share something, you re-post it on your wall to your friends on Facebook, allowing more people to see it. This increases the viewings of the post, increasing its publicity further.


A page is very similar to the previously mentioned profile. A page represents a celebrity, a company, brand, product, the list is endless. It’s a more business based account, rather than personal. A page allows a company to track its users, letting them comment, like, share and access information about them. Facebook pages are interactive and informal and work wonders for businesses.


If you comment on a status, picture, video etc. You leave a note below the original post, this allows users to give feedback and react to the post. It’s great for businesses to gauge a reaction from their followers and see how they feel and react to their posts. Furthermore it empowers users. When an account comments it gives the user a voice, and if the page replies to them, it promotes user interactivity, which is great for creating a business and also receiving feedback. A win win for user and page owner.


And there we go, with the help of these need to know words, you are now a Facebook wizard. Now, go out and use your new found skills and dominate the social media Facebook market.





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