Social media giant Facebook has just announced even more new and exciting changes; it is to introduce 360- degree videos to your news feeds.

Facebook will be premiering first on the web as well as androids; there is no mention of when it will become available for IOS users yet. This new feature could see users sharing content such as short films and animations.

To start with, your feeds will be filled with well-recognised media content producers such as Star Wars, GoPro, VICE, LeBron James, The Discovery Channel, and Saturday Night Live to name a few.

While we are used to seeing our Facebook stream flooded by videos on the web, critics are saying that on mobile videos feel much more active and alive, you phone uses gyroscope, this means Facebook will track your relative position inside the video.

Chris Cox, Facebook’s chief product officer, said: “There are certain things that, when you hold them in your hands for the first time, they attract a crowd.”

“People come to tell you they just saw it, and you have to see it. There aren’t that many of those. This is one of them.”

Virtual reality is a rapidly evolving industry, so it is not hard to imaging that one-day 360-degree video that we now think of as a slick and modern will look clunky and out dated.

Though Facebook has led and organised the project, the team worked closely with Oculus to fine tune the videos. Oculus is also dealing with similar issues as it develops its virtual reality platform.

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