As every business becomes more online-focused, it is more important than ever to target audiences with appropriate content. Business owners are taking to the internet to share content, but a lot are still confused and asking what is the difference between an article and a blog?

As blogs and articles serve completely different purposes, it is vital that you pick the one that is right for you business. A key difference between the two is the format. while there is no strict rule, articles tend to be written in a second or third person voice (though you will find plenty of first-person examples) and blogs tend to be written in first person. If your content is more formal, an article based format is more suited to you whereas a more conversational style would be better for blogging.

Another major difference between the two is the length. Blogs tend to be shorter, mainly around the 300 to 500 words long while articles are normally around the 1000 word mark. Blogs tend to briefly outline topics and go into detail about the key issues while articles will offer a much more detailed overview of the topic that will be much more educational.

The more simple layout and composition of blogs means that readers are able to scan through the content within a couple of minutes and pick up the overall meaning. Articles are typically more difficult to skim read and require more time. Whichever form you use, using your own photos is a perfect way to give the post more life and colour.

Every piece of content must be well thoughtout, if it is not it will not bring value to you readership which is then a waste of time on your end. Making the most of your time and planning will provide the best results.




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