It seems that the masses have tried to save time through scheduling, thinking that this will have the same level of effect with its users. Even well-known marketers have gone down the route of trying to schedule a personality, and it just doesn’t work. You’re telling me that your followers are too dumb to spot a “Good Morning” tweet and think you actually wrote that (and if you did, get more involved. You’re saying you have nothing better to tweet?) We have to remember the main reason social media got to where it is today, is through bringing people together. Yet when it comes to business, owners are more than happy just to ignore that core factor.

We see this every day and it does nothing but strengthen our position as social media managers, allowing us to showcase the methods that actually works are high engagement, real conversations and value. That is it, I do not think you can short change your business any other way. You work hard to get your business to a point that works, and then you blow your credibility with an awful social media strategy.

The worst part, it is easy to get right.

1) Engage

It is one of the easiest ways to show that you actually care about your consumers, get involved communicate, see what they want. Heck fake it I do not care, just get involved and seem interested in everything that they have going on in their life.

2) Add Value

Bring something to the table and just make sure that it is not a sales pitch. Social media is your chance to show people what you can do; we post two articles every day to bring value to our community and show our speciality. It gives us a real good ROI often acting as a conversation starter for a client.

3) Personality

Be who you are, embrace your own personality people will welcome that. You need your personality to shine through the screen so you have a consistent brand from every aspect.

I am not for one second claiming to hold all the answers, but what I am saying is for once technology is ruining one of the best methods of communication with your customers we have ever seen. Stop scheduling your personality and start operating your social media and Twitter in real-time.

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