One of the best ways to develop and build a successful business is effective and reliable social media marketing. A study conducted by Shareaholic found that approximately 30 percent of a websites’ total traffic comes from social media referrals.

Since social media based marketing contributes such a large percentage to internet traffic, it is important that your company is making the most of this free resource. There are a few simple strategies that can help you boost the amount of visitors your site gets through social media platforms, even if you’re reaching the average 30 percent you can aim even higher.

If your company shares content and advertises on twitter, it is important to make sure that you custom-format you tweets. By adding line breaks and the odd, well-placed emoji, your tweets are much less likely to be lost among the end stream of competitors.

Another important thing to consider is the length of your posts. While you’re limited by the 140 character limit on twitter, Facebook and Google Plus offer a lot more flexibility in the length, make sure to take advantage of this. Google Plus provides users with a conversational format which offers clients a more personal interaction with your company. Meaningful connections are key, when you reference common interest regularly, you will be directly reinforcing their love for your brand.

In order to make the most of what Facebook has to offer you as a business, it is crucial that you build Facebook groups. When you have a reliable page that posts regularly, anyone who has liked your page will feel connected to your brand and will be much more likely to read and share your content. When you post to your page, using embedded call to actions add a little flavour to your posts.

In order to make sure you reach as many people as possible, it is important to post on as many platforms as possible. By making your presence known across as many different social media platform as possible will make your brand more recognisable and your posts will reach a wide pool of people.

When creating the content that you will be sharing on your social media pages try to be a bit quirky.  If your company is that little bit weird you will pique people’s interest and they will be much more likely to remember you and your posts. You may find yourself getting more content shares too.

It is crucial to remember your image and how people will view your approach to social media. Though it may be difficult at times, make sure to stand behind decisions without regrets. This will make your brand a consistent in your followers minds. Wherever possible, try to put a positive spin on things, emotions can be contagious.

Finally, when marketing on social media it is important to have a constant stream of content that will keep your audience informed and up to date. All of these tips are simple and manageable for any company and with time will see your site receive more and more visits.

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