You can share, like posts, message your friends, and throw in with a few retweets and be over the moon.

But, developing and carrying out a social media strategy for a business needs a totally different approach and bears much greater responsibility.

Here, we outline the 10 most common pitfalls of poor social media management.

1. Be human, scrap the automated DM’s.

There is nothing worse than a scripted message sent on mass to multiple inboxes. Create unique messages every single time.

2. You DON’T have to cover every platform.

A common misconception is that because a social media platform exists, you have to be on it – that’s simply not true. Figure out which platforms you need to be on and what your audience is going to respond to best. Don’t spread yourself thin by trying to cover too much social media ground. Be great on a few, and not lacklustre on all.

3. Don’t ask for RT’s.

No one likes a beggar on social media. It’s a bit like fishing, bait your audience up, build some rapport with them. Be creative, be unique and you’ll soon get the warranted RT’s. Avoid being too forward at all costs, unless you want to lose followers.

4. It’s easy, anybody can master it.

Don’t give the responsibility of social media output to just anyone in the office. Your presence will sink before it’s even cast away. Create strategies and have a proper management system for your output.

5. Widen your scope, your business is not the only thing that matters.

Yes, we get it. Your business means a hell of a lot to you. But, your audience has other interests. Widen your tweet scope to cover different subjects. Keep it simple. Keep it conversational. This way you can show off your personality.

6. Followers aren’t a sure sign of success.

Having lots of followers is great. You have an audience. But, are they interacting with you, and vice versa, on a regular basis? Good content is key. Let your social media following evolve over time organically. More followers will lead to more conversations – more business!

7. Keep ’em coming!

Tweet regularly, but don’t let quantity affect quality. Keep a presence on the platforms without becoming annoying. Always be engaging and make sure your tweets are of value to your audience.

8. #don’t #hashtag #everything.

It’s not professional. And it sure isn’t what they are intended for. Hashtags are for our tweets to link to a particular trend that can be linked to a current event and reach new audiences.

9. Delete the haters.

Don’t delete bad comments or feedback. Show you have responded quickly in a helpful or polite manner. It can quickly turn into a positive, which shows you value the interaction and do reach out to disgruntled customers/audience.

10. Setting the accounts up isn’t the hardest part.

It may seem such a hassle to set up your accounts, but the hardest part is keeping them going. Don’t stop pedalling. Keep your social media game moving forward.

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