A while back, I wrote an article promoting the use of Snapchat for businesses, and I still stand by everything I wrote. You can read other Snapchat articles below:

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However, things have just gotten a whole lot better.

Snapchat has released a new feature so SME’s can take their marketing efforts to their platform. This can be a seriously good addition to a social media strategy and one that we will be using and recommending for many of our clients. No longer do you need to be a Fortune 500 company to advertise through Snapchat, you can be a small café in a town centre and embrace the change.

I'm upset I'm not in this picture :(

I’m upset I’m not in this picture 🙁

What does this mean? Well it’s easier to show you: here is a picture of some of the team at Chatty Imp, we created our own Snapchat Geofilter for our office building, so when anyone uses Snapchat in this area they will have the option of using this filter. For us it’s great, because apart from saying “Filter made by Chatty Imp”, it’s relatable to the location; so we are hoping other businesses in the area will use it, or at least see it. Do we expect a return? No, we just wanted to use it to show that we know what is happening in the marketplace!

But how can your business get the benefit from this new feature?

Let’s think Lincoln… Now, I don’t want you to think about branding your office (although cool); I want to think outside of this. Where is your current target audience sitting? If your audience is students, then apply geofilters over the most dense student accommodation blocks. Students are notorious for using Snapchat; the average user of the app being between 16-27. This is something we are already working on with a client; let’s create a filter which embraces their brand image, but showcases it in a way that will get it used to spread a message within this audience.

I don’t want you just to think about creating what will be shared around, use this as an opportunity to get into the user’s favourite application. Think Lincoln Cathedral; a hotspot for Snapchat images, could be integrated with an offer from a café offer: “Screenshot this for 10% off”. Having an image that gets shared is fine; but I would recommend more highly looking into promoting tailored offers for your audience.

At present you can sponsor up to 1 month in advance, which is fine for your office (which is what we are doing), but if you are targeting people individually, you have to think about this in a different way. Utilise the fact that you are a fresh, modern company. Tweak your brand messages to fit current themes. We are looking at a daily campaign strategy for one of our clients, a filter which targets the same market every day, but the creative and message we want to send is changed. This keeps the message fresh, as well as engaging with the target audience so they look at the new filter each day. This we are sure will help with gaining new and repeat business.

The one factor I cannot write about currently is what sort of ROI you will be seeing, due to being such a recent development. As we get more involved in campaigns utilising the technology, I will write a follow-up article. However, prices are starting at just £3.50 ($5) per day…. What’s the harm in trying?

Get in touch if you want any help with this, even if you have no idea if this is relevant to your business! Just give us a call, ask for myself (Peter), and I will be honest with you!

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