To continue my spontaneous articles, here are my thoughts on the recent surge in Multitasking Marketing Managers.

I feel that businesses are hiring marketing managers without a real reason behind it. This article is going to sound very strange coming from someone who has the job title of ‘marketing director’ at a social media company, but please read in detail what I am about to discuss.

Marketing is a huge topic, even if you just take just the digital marketing side, as it is broken into numerous different parts. Social Media, Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Design, Email Marketing, and content writing to name just a few. Then to top it all off yfacebook marketing managers in lincolnou have to manage, analyse and improve. What am I exactly saying when I go into all of this? Well, it’s simple, no one is a real master of all trades. You may have someone who is great at many, but they will never be able to master everything. When you are looking for a marketing manager, think very carefully about why you are getting them. If you are getting them to manage social media, then why not look towards getting a social media agency to do the work for you. They will know what works, and you will get the experience of a whole team: graphic designers, community managers and account managers alike.

This goes down to almost every aspect of business: specialisation. I don’t do manage our books (our accountant does that), manage our databases (Brad has to do that) or make graphics (Ben’s area of expertise)! As business owners, we need to focus on the core strengths of each member of our team. Everyone is good at different aspects. I feel like I’m going off on a slight tangent, so I’ll bring it back slightly. No Marketing Manager that you get for your SME will have the same level of competency as 3/4 specialist agencies that work in that field day-in, day-out.

This is why all we do is Social Media, because why would we ‘try’ and do anything else?


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