What is the secret to online success? Various bloggers, columnists and SEO ‘gurus’ claim they have cracked the code to climbing the rankings on search engines. But with so many things to consider, is it really possible to have one single formula based on experience, or is it just a game of delusion?

It’s no surprise to anyone, that the internet is an extremely complicated web of intricacies, and understanding the billions of searches made is one of these complex parts. Google created a website in attempt to find the perfect formula, using the company’s years of experience as one of the world’s main search engines. Despite the wealth of experience, Google was unable to create their perfect website as the algorithms used to interpret the data are too complex to produce one basic formula.

So what is the best way to optimise your website on search engines?

Keep content up to a high standard with fresh regular content should be a priority, with careful thought going into promoting on social media. As always finding your nichè is important, be unique, have a selling point. If you consider all of these key points, your website is on to a winner and you won’t be craving that secret SEO formula anymore.

So if all you need for search engine success is hard work and determination, then why are we still looking for that all important formula? Perhaps the reality is that we don’t want to admit that it’s hard work, just like everything else, to build a strong website.

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