Facebook have been everywhere this year with new changes, Mark Zuckerberg has made headlines once again by hinting that exciting changes are coming. Recently, the founder of the social media platform discussed the possibility of a new dislikebutton featuring on the site in the next few months, and now he has announced that users can soon expect Facebook reactions.

Reactionsare a set of six emoji that will sit where the current thumbs-up icon is placed. The laughing, love, happy, shocked, sad, and angry icons will let users respond quickly to posts on their news feeds.

Unfortunately, it has also been announced that this new and exciting feature will only be available for two markets to initially. Testing of these emoji will be in Ireland and Spain before they are released globally.

Facebook is joining the ranks of other social media sites Buzzfeed, who already give users the ability to respond to posts with different reactions beyond simple likes and favourites. The emoji will be simple enough for the average user.

On mobile devices, you will have to click to open the emoji options and on a desktop they will appear when you hover the mouse over it.

Much like the site and its competitors, Facebooks emoji will be compatible across all mobile devices. Zuckerberg has commented saying that this development wont be formatted across the Messenger app.

The decision to add emoji to the site to increase response comes at a time when a range of new developments.

Offering different emoji will mean that Facebook will be able to tally and display those different responses. Before you could only see who Liked a post, now you will see which people loved it or found it surprising, or sad, and so on

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