Twitter is vastly important for companies and people, it keeps people up to date with information in a very quick way. This is because Twitter only uses 140 characters, and despite this, Twitter accounts such as Barack Obama and McDonald’s have used it to their advantage and achieved great success.

Barack Obama – 60.3 million Twitter followers

Barack Obama, as President of the United States of America, has to keep people informed of his most recent activities. By giving people updates every day on his Twitter account he can show his followers what he is doing for them, hoping to please them as he was voted in by the general public.

Barack Obama hashtags to perfection. He does this is so that he can gain attention from Twitter users who are browsing hashtags, such as ‘#CollegeOpportunity.’ This will let student users see what Barack Obama is doing to help education, while also giving his standpoint and views on the issue. This helps his reputation as a President who works hard and intends to keep the public happy. If the hashtag gets enough people retweeting and favoriting it, then it will start trending. This will show that people are reading what he is trying to accomplish and respond to his actions, allowing him to view their reactions and see what he is doing right or wrong.

McDonald’s UK – 156 thousand Twitter followers

The McDonald’s logo is advertised everywhere, if you see it, you recognise it instantly, and so do 88% of people who were questioned what the McDonald’s logo was. McDonald’s is very clever about how they attract their customers, utilising Twitter and social media to attract the tech-savvy generation of customers.

McDonald’s don’t just use events to bring in the customers, but they re-tweet people who use the #McDonald’s. This is makes Twitter users feel appreciated, valued, and listened to, as they are interacting with the company giant. When users feel appreciated they are more likely to buy from the company again as they leave happy, thus increasing future sales.

People have stated that the McDonald’s Company uses basic tactics in order to gain and maintain their customer base, but it’s clearly working as they are considered a business that is ‘recession proof,’ meaning they will not go go bust, no matter what the economic situation is.


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