The biggest trend right now, without a shadow of a doubt, has to be Pokemon Go. What makes matters worse, is I don’t see any businesses really jumping on this and exploiting its marketing potential. Here are a few main points with a guide to what exactly Pokemon Go is, and how it can be used for promoting your brick-and-mortar retail/café/restaurant, etc.


So what is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is a free location-based augmented reality game for iOS and Android devices. Utilising GPS and the camera, the game allows players to capture and battle Pokemon, who appear on the screen as though they were right in front of you.


What is a ‘Lure’?

A lure is a tool players (and businesses alike – read on!) can use to increase the chances of Pokemon appearing in a certain area, and is promoted on the map for all local players to see: and can often attract crowds (the large amount of people around the Brayford Waterfront on their phones are catching Pokemon). To get ‘Lures’, you have to pay 100 PokeCoins. This equates to around £0.79 each, and they last for 30 minutes.


“Get to the point!”

Now, to the real point. I didn’t mean to bore you by trying to educate you on Pokemon Go. But below is the real nitty gritty, of what could be implemented as a campaign.

  1. Choose your quietest day, or your quietest 4 hours.

  3. Create a themed event during this period, named something along the lines of “Pokemon Go: Lure Coffee Hour”

  5. Promote the event, explicitly mentioning that you will be placing  Pokemon Go Lures at your premises repeatedly, with no interruption.

  7. Now, the fun part. Getting the word out there. Using the world of Social Media Marketing!

  9. Set up a simple advert on Facebook advertising: select the location surrounding your premises of around 5 miles. From here, you can then set Facebook to only show the advert to people who have an interest in ‘Pokemon’ and ‘Pokemon Go’ (Facebook stats show 24 million people are interested in Pokemon and can be targeted in this way – how many of these would be in your locality?).
    Side note: One thing that you can expect from this type of advert would be the targeted users then tagging their friends in the advert post. It’s going to be something along the line of “OMG James look at this!”

  11. Once you have the advert out there I would recommend making passers by aware of the event, as Lure being placed will naturally bring footfall to your doors (the location of the Lure shows up on the Pokemon Go map for everyone playing in the area to see). I noticed YourPrintPartner had a banner perfect for the job! (See below.)


  13. Now all you have to do is keep the refreshments and food flowing; they won’t want to miss out on any of the Pokemon by going anywhere else!



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