The personalised media platform has announced plans to introduce buyable pins at the end of the month. At the San Francisco TechCrunch at the beginning of the month the company announced the new new feature which will soon be available for Iphone and Ipad along with the company’s new found partnership with with Apple Pay.

The new feature will enable social media users to become paying shoppers. While scrolling on social media, users can buy from Pinterest using the blue ‘buy it’ button next to the recognisable ‘pin it’ button.  Users are able to stay on the same page to shop and swipe across to find the right size and colour.

The buyable pin will only be available on mobile devices, though it may be developed in the future to become a universal feature that is compatible across all devices. As 80% of all Pinterest traffic comes from mobile phones, the changes will create easier access for the majority of users and it is also thought that the pin will see an increase in male customers. despite the fact that 70% of males state they prefer to shop online, there is currently only a 20% male shoppers.

The new buyable pin is part of the company’s efforts to make the Pinterest experience an easy one, as is Apple Pay. The collaboration will allow customers to purchase using Apple Pay or a regular credit card without the risk of card information being stolen. The company have publicly stated that they won’t store any personal and confidential information, in an effort to create a low risk and easy pay method. Once signed up, you will receive a device specific account number that you use to shop instead of card numbers.

The average order on Pinterest in 2014 was $123.50, compared to Facebook which saw an average of less than half at $54.64. With the upcoming plans where users don’t have to leave Pinterest to purchase their most-wanted items it is thought that sales will sky-rocket.

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