Peter Watson

Social Media Speaker

Peter Watson is a Social Media Speaker and industry insider. He specialises in delivering highly effective and successful campaigns for companies of all sizes, and also guides companies on how to effectively use hidden features of social media platforms to reach their customers.

Peter launched Chatty Imp nearly two years ago after finding success with advertising his online car audio parts store through social media. Now Chatty Imp works as an extension of many companies’ marketing departments, creating and executing creative strategy and campaigns.

  • Lincoln Property Meet-Up – 10/10/16
  • Duncan & Toplis Directors Briefing – 25/11/16
  • Lincolnshire Business Expo – 18/1/17
  • Property Entrepreneur Webinar – 21/2/17
  • NBV Lincoln – 28/2/17
  • Newark Business Club – 3/3/17
  • BBC Radio Lincolnshire – The Nicola Gilroy Show
“Firstly let me tell you absolutely smashed it. I heard mutterings all around the room as I was leaving about how awesome you are and that they’re all interested in chatting with you. To be honest networking events can get a bit dull with the corporate jargon so with you today there was a lovely breath of fresh air and excitement. So give yourself a huge pat on the back!”
Alyce Bradbury, NBV Event Attendee

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