If you’re one of Snapchat’s 150 million daily users, Christmas really has just arrived early. Hot off the press are 3 fresh, neatly integrated features which have got myself and the rest of the team at Chatty Imp HQ pretty excited. Here’s everything you need to know about Snapchat’s most recent update.

  1. Group Chat

Gone are the days of Snapping just one person at a time. Snapchat has given us group chat. With the power to snap up to 16 people at once, you can update specific members of your network without broadcasting to your entire friends list through your story.

You can start a group conversation by swiping left on the main screen, tapping the ‘new chat’ icon, and selecting the people you want to chat with.

Recently, we are seeing the main social media platforms introduce features which resemble their competitors’ features. Most recently, Instagram introduced Stories, resembling Snapchat’s My Story function. This time we see Snapchat adding a feature that resembles Facebook Messenger’s group chat function.

In terms of a return on your advertising spend on Snapchat, group chat isn’t going to provide you any extra exposure directly. However, it has long been Snapchat’s objective to keep users within the app for as long as possible (with the introduction of the discover section), so providing functions that prevent users from switching apps to chat to their whole group of friends follows this trend. The thinking goes that the longer they remain on the app, and the more reason they have to return to the app, the more likely they are to click back through those stories and see your ad.

  1. Shazam integration

Remember those times when you would hear a great new song, and frantically search for the Shazam app in your phone, before realising you deleted it to make space? We’ve all been there. Thankfully, those days are over, as Snapchat’s new update allows you to Shazam songs straight from Snapchat.

Tap and hold the screen when in camera mode and the spinning circle motion of Shazam will appear. Information about the song will then show on the interface. (See the image of me ‘Shazaming’ Shan 916. What. A Tune).

  1. Art attack

The new ‘Paintbrush’ tool allows you to add artsy effects to some of your favourite Snapchat memories. Select a photo from your memories and hit the little paintbrush icon. You’ll be presented with a number of options, some resembling famous paintings. Choose one you like and away you go.

This function has great branding potential, however for the time being, it seems that it is only being used for novelty value (Watch this space).

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