Funky3dfaces is a small Etsy shop who create custom, 3D printed heads which fit onto minifigure toys. After the company gained momentum on social media, Chris, Colette and the team enlisted our assistance, and, as a result of being featured by the Discovery Channel, Mashable and the Telegraph, they were subsequently swamped with thousands of tweets, comments and messages. We have been entrusted with the backlog (and the huge, continuing influx of messages) and convert this conversation into sales. In addition, we have been appointed to create fun, engaging content in order to keep the interest of their newly acquired audience.

As a result of the level of traffic and social conversation, the store was a trending topic on Facebook from Thursday evening until Friday morning (and still appears to be trending at the time of writing!).

We’ll be releasing the success story later next week, but in the meantime, check over what’s going on over on Facebook and Twitter!

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