For the first time since Instagram was launched, users won’t be limited to posting in a square format. Since the social network began, users have been confined to posting in the one format but that is all about to change.

While the unique appearance helped the app stand out in the early stages, users have grown tired of the constraints and have been using workarounds. As you scroll on the app you’ll see a variety of different orientations where photos have been edited in third party apps.

As more portrait and landscape photos and videos fill the network, Instagram are keen to respond to their user’s feedback. Now, when posting on the site, you will be able to adjust the orientation and appear as full images to your followers but on your profile they will still appear as a cropped square.

The update to the site will greatly benefit users posting videos. Your widescreen videos will appear cinematic on even the smallest of phones. Not only that, Instagram has ditched the photo and video separate filters and released filters that are compatible with all types of content.

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