We talk about it all the time to our clients, and we really believe that it’s a crucial part to modern age business. Content marketing is king and it has steamed past search engine, print, television and even radio as the preferred marketing tool for any business to business marketing manager, and, even some business to consumer ones!

So let’s break things down – What is content marketing? It’s the creation and publication of original content which include; Blog posts, case studies, videos and photos – which are used to generate leads, and enhance a brand’s visibility through putting the company in a position of trust by giving real value to its readers. It has been documented that researchers have found 82% of business to business marketers use content marketing as a major strategy in their marketing programs. With search engine marketing and events following.

To us it’s now apparent in the competitive modern era that the way to instil trust to your potential clients you have to prove to them that you are an expertise in your field and this is where content plays a huge part. As mentioned previously content isn’t just left in the blog section of your website, it spans much further afield and we now see it sitting in your social media feed. Facebook in modern times has seen it turn very much so into a video content paradise with the ability for videos to pick up real visibility on the platform, not to mention the same goes for YouTube. We have also seen sheer growth in the image content field, with Instagram and Pinterest being the two fastest growing social networks currently.

Are we now saying you should move away from your blog and focus more on your social networks? No, but what we are saying is integrate, pull your campaigns together for one core message. We really believe that if you can give real value to your clients both current and potential then they will be much more likely to join you and/or stay with you for longer.

SJD Accountancy founder, Simon Dolan built his whole company through content marketing, focusing on adding value through blog posts. He said in his book that almost every penny of marketing was on blog posts, his fundamental aim was to answer questions that people would ask through a search engine and be so specific and niche in each question. In the end, he had over 1000 blog posts and in 2014 the company was sold for £100 million.

You can’t really disagree with that example.


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