With 105 million blogs, Tumblr offers business owners an un-utilised marketing opportunity. The site offers free blog use and is currently the 32nd most popular website around the world, so you should be making the most of this platform.

1. Normal rules do not apply: Tumblr is completely unique and different to every other social network, so with this in mind, you should forget what you know about marketing on social media. Before you start, you should consider what you are trying to trying to achieve with this account, whether you trying to create a closer connection between you and you clients or create brand awareness.

2. High quality content: One of the best features of Tumblr is the lack of word limit. Much like Facebook, Tumblr allows you to post as much as you want, but the key difference is that the quality of your writing matters much more on Tumblr. Due to the format as a blogging site, there is a lot more focus on the standard of writing, whereas Facebook is a much more relaxed network. With this in mind, try to post different material on each platform.

3. Make it timeless: Tumblr is a far cry from the fast pace of a Twitter news feed, meaning it isn’t ideal for time sensitive news. Try to tailor your articles so they will be relevant for a long time, how to posts and lists tend to have longer life than reviews.

4. Will people share it?: Like most over social networks, Tumblr makes it easy for users to share content for other pages. Sharing is one of the best ways to spread the word about your brand, and it’s free, what’s not to love?  To make sure your posts are shared make them funny, informal, while being informative, and always attach your own, high quality photos.

5. Think about length: Tumblr is a great platform to share a wide variety of media on: photos, videos and posts, long or short. Always have posts a reasonable length in relation to the topic. If the article is too long unnecessarily then people will get bored and possibly stop reading. If you have something that calls for a longer post, make the most of it. Longer posts tend to show up more on search engines which will lead to a bigger audience.

6. Tag wisely: Forget everything you know about keywords, Tumblr relies completely on tags to explain and categorise your content. The ideal amount of tags per post is though to be between seven and 12. More than 12 will look like spam and any less than seven won’t appear in enough searches. Remember that the goal is to appear in as many searches as possible so tag the words or terms that are most likely to get searched.

7. Network:  Tumblr offers you the opportunity to interact with other bloggers, it is a much more intimate network than more other social networks. So, naturally the more you share, the bigger your audience and followers and the greater your Tumblr marketing.


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