So you have an online shop, but now is the time to get your message across to your market and tell them to start buying, with no money. What should you do and how?

Build a community – away from your brand.

Launch a Blog

Write, and write lots about what you offer, if you’re selling T-Shirts then you should be discussing new fashion trends and new movements and events in the fashion field. This allows you to attract and target consumers who have an interest in a market section that you’re actively selling in. When you have the consumers there, you can then drip feed your information and sales links in between content.

Start an ‘tribe’ Instagram account
Do you have items that can be utilised creatively? Maybe you’re selling bicycles, you can create a creative tribe around cycling, action shots of people on bikes doing tricks and using them in exotic locations, most of these images are reasonably easy to access and many photographers will love for you to use their work. But in terms of ROI you can then use this platform to then advertise your bikes throughout the content.

Platforms for your brand

As discussed previously Instagram Is a perfect place for anything creative, utilise this by showcasing the creative side of your business, you have an online wedding store, why not showcase brides wearing your dresses and offering exclusive deals for users following you.

SnapChat (only if you’re targeting millennials)
SnapChat is real-time social media and allows you to show your followers exactly what your brand is doing, if you can make this as fun and lively as possible it will return best for your followers as this is a core for young demographics. But SnapChat is the most engaging platform at the moment as users have to physically hold their finger on the screen to even view the content. So do everything in your power to keep your consumers following you, a great way of doing this by offering exclusive discounts and deals for being a follower.

Customer services future we believe, users are now tweeting rather than sitting on hold for ages and that’s something that you should get involved with. Keep an active presence on twitter to make sure that you are keeping the door open for your consumers. As well as this, make sure your keeping content flowing and out there which is relevant your brand. Oh! Also don’t forget to use that twitter search tool, you can find a lot of people asking for help or where to buy things!

It was vital, but now they charge too much, have a presence but we recommend focusing on the other platforms.

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