Celebrities are always trying to attract new people to their content. Using social media as the tool to do so, these 5 celebrities are nailing the game!

Taylor Swift – The fans

Ever dreamed of someone like Taylor Swift sending a tweet your way? Well this is exactly what Taylor Swift has done, she responds to your tweets, allowing her to gain respect from her fans. She doesn’t only do that though, she also posts photos of fans holding Taylor Swift albums. This is a genius way to get your fans to talk about what you have done to please them, and to also give yourself a good reputation.

Katy Perry – Recording

Katy Perry noticed that people were unable to get tickets to her show in 2011, so she decided to encourage fans who were going to the show to record it and post it online. This allowed other users to feel as if they were there. This strategy promoted Katy Perry’s performance by free using her fans filmed content, allowing other fans to feel as if they were helping Katy Perry, along with their fellow fans.

Ellen DeGeneres – Support

Ellen DeGeneres has a Twitter account, this Twitter account is not used for self-promotion. Her Twitter account is used to post jokes, this is to entertain her fans for a short period of time. However, she has also used Twitter as a way to promote other peoples shows to increase their profile alongside her own. But she does not stop there. Ellen DeGeneres also uses her Twitter to personally tweet about herself, which allows fans to feel as if they are getting close to her on a more personal level.

Leonardo DiCaprio – Environment

Leonardo DiCaprio uses Twitter to promote environmental care. Leonardo DiCaprio uses his large twitter following to raise awareness, making users think more about their planet and what they can do to help.  Leonardo DiCaprio also frequently announces that he is donating to charities to not only help the charity, but to also raise awareness to their cause even further.

Robert Downey Jr – Memes

Robert Downey Jr knows that his audience is rather young and look up to him as a Marvel, larger than life hero. A huge internet hit with youths of today is memes. Robert Downey Jr posts memes very often to promote his own films, but to also entertain the younger generation and to interact with them.


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