We see businesses of all different types and sizes, and each business is unique in what it does and how it does it. This leaves a social media agency with space to look at the strategy to be used to meet the overall business objective. What many don’t understand is that each social network isn’t limited to what it can do. You can utilise a social network in a unique way to get a certain outcome.

In this article, I want to discuss how Twitter is being used in the start-up world as a ‘growth hacking’ tool (I hate that phrase, but it’s true). I go on about it all the time, but Twitter (Instagram isn’t far off) search is a powerful tool when it comes to finding what people are talking about, and fast growth start-ups are now putting in serious resources to connect with their niche on a huge level with this technique.

Seed invested start-ups are now investing in teams of people (and agencies like ourselves) to find and connect with hundreds of people every day. When I say hundreds, I mean we recently had a client request around 500 new conversations starting every day, with people talking about their topic. Now, I’m sure you understand that this is quite the challenge. Well, add replies to that and you will be around 2,000 messages a day.

So why do businesses and start-ups, in fact, go this route over an advertising route? Well, it’s simple – but remember, I said each platform can be used in unique ways for different objectives. This gets the brand out there and relevant to the target market, so if you are selling football boots or the latest mobile football app. Tracking keywords around football and then interacting on a large scale with people talking about football, just makes sense. You are instantly showing that you are a brand that cares, you are building relationships with these individuals. But most importantly, you are getting the brand out there and increasing awareness. Something that is very important for start-ups and new businesses.

Does this mean you shouldn’t use any other social media method? Of course not, you should always have an integrated campaign. Focusing on one method to drive awareness, and then have another side campaign which stimulates conversion might be the best place to be. But again, this depends on the business and the overall objective that the company has. But it is well worth keeping in mind that raw organic engagement on a mass scale to stimulate both demand and a national/global movement is something that is worth doing, or at least considering.

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