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Once Brad sends over the Google Apps for Work promo code, redeem through this link to ensure the code is activated.


Just in case you’re interested, here’s how using Google Apps for Work has improved how we do business as we grow and expand our company.


Before we started Chatty Imp, we all chose to use Gmail as our personal email provider. Google Apps makes managing your company’s email accounts extremely simple and comes with the similar interface that we knew and love.

All of us each have our own fully blown user accounts so we can reply to our clients, but Google has a few tricks up their sleeves which are a godsend for company communication. Peter and I found that we weren’t receiving emails from some people – this turned out to be because both of our names could be shortened, so our clients and potential customers were emailing an invalid account! To overcome this, Google allows email aliases to be created – we now have pete/ and brad/ just in case. This feature has no additional cost.

You can also set up a group – which may be one of Google App’s most unsung productivity heroes. With a group you can create a group email alias – for example our email address is an alias. An email sent to this address doesn’t go to any particular member of the team, instead it sits in a shared mailbox which any of us in the group can access. This is super handy if you have a sales team, finance team, support team, etc. Setting up groups is at no extra cost on Google Apps!


Cloud storage & sharing

Google Drive is another feature of the Apps for work bundle. Each user you pay for will have access to 30GB of cloud storage, which is more than enough for storing documents or images, etc. By using Drive’s intuitive permissions and sharing options, you can easily create a shared network drive for your company which can be accessed from anywhere.

All of our desktops and laptops have the Google Drive client installed – whenever someone connects their device to the internet, it will sync the latest changes to the documents we share. Not only that, but you can also access Drive through mobile apps for truly mobile working if this is something that your business requires.


Security & Admin

We decided as a company that the security of ours and our clients’ data had to come first. It was because of this we have entrusted Google with our data – everything is sent over a secure server and you know that the hard drive in your office can’t get stolen which has everyone’s data on. Google goes as far as to offer two-factor authentication so you have a password as standard, but you can set your account up so you receive a text message with a code that you also have to enter to gain access. This for most businesses may be overkill, but if you’re sensitive about your data’s security, then at least this will provide peace of mind.

The administrator side of Google is a dream. If you’re not techie, do not worry! Most of the options in the Google administrator panel are nice and simple and give you easy access to resetting your user’s passwords, managing aliases and other frequent tasks.


That’s what we love and use the most, but Google have a plethora of other tools. These include calendars, video chat, instant messaging, Google+, websites and data archiving. Take advantage of our Google Apps for Work promotion code to get started – just fill out the form at the top of the page. Simple as that!


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