Surely the new design cant just be a coincidence, Facebook seems to subtly morphing into photo-based app Snapchat. Facebook recently announced some profile enhancements that take Snapchats lead.

The most drastic developments include: profile videos, new profile controls and design improvements.

For the first time, Facebook is adding a bit of movement to profile pictures. Profile pictures can now be a short selfie video. This is a clear connection between the two social platforms and Facebook has commented to say that video profiles were an: obvious evolution.

The video will play whenever people click on to your profile page and it will work across all desktop and mobile devices.

Improved profile controls have also been announced. For the average daily user this means a clearer and much more simple information database. The customisable space at the top of your profile can be curated with data.

Each profile can have five photos in this box along with a one line bio.

The design improvements show further likeness to Snapchat in addition to blog sharing site Tumblr.

These changes to the layout are set to appear in the coming months, but will be test amongst a small number of iPhone users in the UK and California.

People love seeing photos and mutual friends when viewing the profiles of friends or someone theyve just met, so those are easier to see now on profile. Photos and friends are right at the top, making getting to know someone and seeing the world through your friendseyes as easy as scrolling.

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