Keen to keep up with the competition, Facebook has introduced its personal assistant as part of the already existing messenger app. The personal assistant ‘M’ has been designed to complete tasks and find information for you.

Just like an ordinary messenger conversation, users will be able to talk to M, the artificial intelligence. M is the latest addition to the artificial intelligence family, joining Cortana, Google Now and Siri.

Unlike the other forms of AI, M can carry out tasks on your behalf. With your instruction, M can book appointments, make travel arrangements, make purchases and many more.  As M works, you will receive updates and follow up questions, making Facebook’s personal assistant the most advanced.

To prevent automated error in the system, a team of Facebook’s contractors are responsible for making bookings, reservations and buying products. These contractors, known as M Trainers, are also responsible for pushing M’s most powerful features.

While your Facebook plays host to an enormous amount of information, M won’t rely on your profile or history in carrying out any request. As the assistant is developed it is possible this may eventually change, users will have to consent, and they will get much more personalised responses.

Vice President David Marcus states that M will progress and expand slowly as time goes on. Following a series of test-runs in San Francisco, Marcus hopes the feature will make its way to all Facebook users and will prove to be fierce competition with Apple, Google and Microsoft.

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