Buckle up for a fresh change to Facebook, we are about to lose the ‘other’ inbox. Essentially messenger is about to lose part of its sense of safety as the inbox for people you’re not friends with is about to disappear forever.

These changes will also affect users who run groups on the social media site who, by the nature of their pages, have regular interactions with people that they are not Facebook friends with.

The announcement has worried users world wide about their privacy and being harassed with spam messages.

The changes will not be made over night; they will gradually ease in and within the next month be a commonly recognised part of Facebook for each user.

As far as the social media giant is concerned, many of the 1.5 billion daily users weren’t even aware of the extra feature so the change should not have and significant impacts. The change will simply mean that no one misses out on important messages that they wouldn’t have otherwise known about.

However, some responses to the announcement of this change about Messenger Requests, made by Facebook’s vice president of messaging products, David Marcus, on the social network, have been more cautious.

Only time will tell whether this change will be a good thing or not, but, for now, it remains an exciting mystery.

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