In October 2015, we wrote an article surrounding the fact that Facebook was going to change the way you engaged with posts. It went from a simple like to now having several different options you can use. I won’t bore you with the specifics because I think it is much more valuable to look at the real results.

So, from the outset, it seems obvious that with more options for someone to engage with a post, it will seemingly increase the engagement percentage per post. This is because you can now relate to the post in many more ways. The debate had always been if a friend posted some sad news, can you like it? Well, now you can engage in a way which reflects every emotion.

facebook marketing with facebook reactionsWere we expecting a real difference? Yes, we were expecting around a 5% increase in engagement after the shift. However, we have monitored our accounts, and we have seen a much bigger change. Some accounts are seeing a 19% increase in engagement. This is because of the knock on effect with engagement. When someone engages with your content on Facebook, Facebook then deems this content good enough to pass around.  Therefore, more people see the content and so on. So the boost in engagement is then magnified to more individuals.

The overarching question that’s on our lips, is will it last? Facebook Reactions is still very new. Is the boost based on this factor alone? Only time will tell. But for now, Facebook Reactions is benefiting SME’s, and my bet is that it will continue to do so.


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