Hot on the heels of Periscope and Meerkat, Facebook becomes the latest social media platform to join the live-streaming craze. Over the last few months the company has been developing ‘Live’ a feature that will only be available to celebrities with verified pages.

In yet another effort to bring fans one step closer to their favourite celebrities, Facebook will introduce the new feature which will live stream directly to their news stream. Personalities from the Rock to Serena Williams plan to make use of the new feature.

Developers of the Facebook live-stream see a bright future for the new feature and plan to expand it. The average Facebook user will soon be able to live-stream, but it is uncertain when this change will be made.

So why should celebrities chose Facebook live-stream instead of Meerkat or Periscope? Celebrities have already built up fan bases on Facebook and it is the most used social media website globally, followed by twitter and linkedIn, so would have a wider audience than Meerkat or Periscope.

Facebook Live would also let fans re-watch videos days after they were originally filmed. While Meerkat streams are deleted immediately and Periscope recordings are cleared after 24 hours, Facebook will store streams after they’ve ended. The feature takes advantage of the platform as fans will be able to share videos of their favourite celebrities at the end of broadcasting.

This new development brings Facebook closer to being a real-time content provider. When a verified celebrity starts a live-stream, Facebook will send a push notification to the broadcaster’s subscribers. Users will also receive push notifications based on their recent online activity.

Facebook are bringing fans ever closer to their fans through the design of this feature. While the broadcaster streams they will be able to see comments as they are posted by fans at a steady and readable pace. This will give them the chance to respond or reply to comments as they stream.

Now that celebrities have joined the craze, it’s only a matter of time before live-streaming is available to the average Facebook user, making Facebook a more interactive a real time experience.


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