Case Study: Accountancy

Making a traditional business interesting on Social Media!

When we took over the account in August 2015, we liaised with the client to improve the design of their profile and content to present a more professional, yet interesting style.

These changes increased engagement and allowed for a more integrated campaign which continues to develop and go from strength-to-strength. We then looked to integrate branding for events and live event tweeting, strengthening the client’s online profile.

The results to the right from March 2016, show an increase of 100% up from the previous month, which is representative of the month-on-month growth we have experienced.

Moving forward, we have tailored all of our client’s events to have their own individual branding, giving them an advantage over the other events happening in the business and local community.

  • Before our management of the account, the client was averaging 5,000 monthly impressions on Twitter
  • Now an average of 350,000 monthly impressions are achieved
  • Content promoting events and services designed in-line with client’s branding guidelines
  • An average reply time of 3 minutes or less

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