As a B2B marketer, you time is taken up with a variety of direct marketing activities, yet not enough time is spent on a vital part of the process; influencer marketing. This type of marketing is completely different to the typical approach of targeting customers. During this marketing process, you will think about who or what your customers are influenced by and target these bodies.

The first, and arguably the most important step is to understand whom you are trying to influence. This is one of the most crucial stages in standard customer marketing as well as influence marketing. The more you know your potential clients, the more you will be able to relate and forge better relationships with them.

Another critical stage is to analyse your buyers. As well as thinking about your potential customers, you must also characterise your buyers. The same principle applies as before when you know how old your clients are, how much they earn and what business challenges they face, you will be able to crystallise your influencer marketing strategy.

Once you understand the people your buyers, you can then begin to think about who can influence them. This part of the process requires background knowledge of who key influencers are in your industry. The key to success is finding people who are active on marketing forums.

You also have to communicate with thought leaders as these people are considered to be the most influential. To begin with, establish a relationship with this figure of influence. It is important that they trust you before you even contemplate mentioning your product. Once a relationship has been founded, then approach them about your business plans and goals.

Another often overlooked marketing opportunity is the influence of your customers. Make sure to share any positive comments and quotes your clients, this works as credible promotion, and it is free.

Finally, you must consider your engagement. Every blog is different, every reader is different, your engagement must be personal to your brand. A blogger may have a large following, but that does not necessarily mean they are talking to relevant customers for your product or service. In other words, B2B audiences are much more finely segmented than B2C audiences.

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