Are you making the most of what social media and SEO has to offer in your marketing efforts? If youre not, or you’re just doing one, then you are making it a lot easier for your competitors to take your potential customers. This marketing technique offers the potential to earn a lot of cash so you definitely should consider social SEO integration.

If your social media posts arent being read, all your efforts are wasted. In the same way that a website needs traffic, your profiles need followers and an interactive audience. If you would like to see this group of people grow then, you should start SEO integration. The relationship between followers and increased sales is undeniable.

It is imperative that your brand is trustworthy if it is not then your audience wont buy into your message. To build trust, you should pre-frame your sales message so that it is displayed in a way that will build trust.

Having social profiles, a Yelp profile, a BBB profile (Better Business Bureau), and other credible online properties will help pre-frame you in a favourable way that will add dramatically to your social presence. If you correctly SEO your social media accounts, you will quickly find that your brand is trusted and this in turn will add to your conversion power.

Without Google trust, you are definitely limiting your brand from natural and organic growth. One of the best ways to gain this trust is to interlink all your social properties as much as possible. Google has developed in a way that understands website and social media relationships.

If you have Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Yelp, BBB, or any other online profile, Google is now capable of automatically linking these together on a search, providing they are properly optimised.

This method will not only demonstrate your brand to be trustworthy, but it will also quickly offer you ROI and heaps of additional traffic. The more traffic you get, the better you will come out in Google searches so this is a tick box you shouldnt ever forget about.


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