Do you know your Tweets from your Trending? Your Hashtags from your Followers? Or how about the difference between a Favourite and a Re-tweet. If any of these words run loops around your lingo, then this is the place to start. Here are the top 7 words that you need to know to become a Twitter Pro.


Word number one is Tweet. Despite being a sound that birds make early in the morning, a Tweet in the world of Twitter is a message you post to the world. Think of it like an update, sent out to everyone on Twitter. A Tweet is limited to 140 words and is a fantastic, bite-sized way to keep your followers up to date with what you are doing.

Follower and News Feed

A Follower is someone who has subscribed to see your Tweets. Every time you send out a Tweet, it appears on their News Feed, essentially a scrolling list of recent Tweets that people they are following post. You can also become a follower, following other Twitter users to see their tweets.


It may sound like a type of children’s game, but a hashtag is not. The hashtag was created to allow Twitter to categorize Tweets. Hashtags can also be counted and analysed, allowing them to be a great asset when you want something to begin trending.


Trending is pretty simple. Think of the word trendy. When something is trendy, it is popular, it is spoken about. When something is trending it is popular on Twitter because a lot of people are ‘hash tagging’ it.

Favourite and re-tweet

Now what do you do if you see a tweet that you like? Well, you have two options, you can either re-tweet it, or favourite it. If you re-tweet a tweet, then you post a copy of it onto your wall, with their name and profile above it. A fantastic way of sharing content with your followers. If you favourite it, you place a little star under the persons tweet and they can view them to feel popular. Think of these like sharing, or liking, on Facebook.

So there we have it, 7 key Twitter words to learn and use. Happy Tweeting!


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