LinkedIn is a simple yet great way to build up your brand, share content and keep audiences and potential clients up to date. Though the online platform is great way to build up your career, it is also very easy to make some crucial mistakes that could end up setting you back. So there are some simple ways to make sure that your profile sends the right message.

1. Post regularly:  Quite simply you kept on the radar if you’re posting. If you make good use of the site and keep it up to date, you company’s name will feature heavily on the newsfeed. It also lets people know that you’re active, a page that rarely posts is very telling.

2. Keep it interesting: While it is vital that your page is up to date and filled with content, the quality of the content is just as important. Make sure that anything you post is relevant and of interest to your target audience. Also keep in mind that not every post should be an advert.

3. Memorable and catchy headline: There is a lot of competition out there so all your posts need to stand out. When thinking about your headlines, make sure they’re actually relevant to your post. Whitty alliterations and puns, though often inappropriate, do stick in the minds of clients and your target audience.

4. Use your own images: When you link a URL you will automatically be offered a default photo attachment. You also have the option to upload your own photo, this will make you brand image more niche and may mean that your company LinkedIn page is more successful.

5. Active employees: Employees play an important role on LinkedIn. Make sure that you encourage your employees to be active on the page, it is representatives.

6: Know your figures: LinkedIn offers useful and accurate statistics about the number of clicks, impressions and interactions you page receives. It can also help you identify when the peak times for interaction are. It is not just important to know and check these statistics, you need to respond to them.


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