One of the most obsessed about parts of online marketing is SEO success, it plays a crucial role in how well a small business will perform. If you are a small business owner yourself and you are preparing to start your first website, there are some simplest things you can do to make sure your site is search engine friendly.

1) Responsive: It is a widely acknowledged fact that small local businesses rely heavily on ranking well in mobile searches. A recent study has found that of people who make a local, mobile search approximately 50% of them will visit the store within the next 24 hours.

The study also found that those same mobile search result in 78% offline purchasing. As mobile searches play such an important role and achieve undeniably amazing results, it is vital that you create a website that is compatible across all mobile devices.

It goes without saying that if your site is not compatible across the majority, if not all devices, then you will be massively missing out on marketing and selling opportunities.

2) Are the key points in the text?: While search engines are now able to produce materials across a wide variety of content, the best responses will always be text-based. This should come as no surprise based on the emphasis placed on content marketing.

Every time you post, there should always be an accompanying text. If possible, aim for 150 words with text for each pages SEO title (50-60 characters.) While text in images have been proven to be successful in branding, you should also state the information in the text.

3) Optimise your images: Images will brighten up your posts and create a more interactive and engaging experience for your audience, to get even more from them you should optimise them.

Firstly, you can rename the image; this will make it much more likely to show up in a search. You can also add a brief description below the image that will boost your rankings.

4) Keep it simple: One of the most basic yet underestimated tips: you need to be clear and simple with a text based navigation structure. Google Webmaster Guidelines has commented recently saying: Make a site with a clear hierarchy and text links. Every page should be reachable from at least one static text link.

In other words, make the experience as simple for your users as possible. If you confuse them, they are unlikely to want to come again.

5) Redirect: If you are creating a new version of your website, you need to make sure you dont lose any of your old pages.

If you delete the old site, people who attempt to visit the page will receive a 404 error, telling them that the page no longer exists. If the old page ranked well in search for a keyword the old page will ultimately be removed from search results.

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