It’s no secret that employers will scrutinise your online profile, but what are they looking for? You may think that your online presence is clever, trendy or drop-dead hilarious, but this might translate to reckless, controversial and irresponsible. There are 5 basic social media points to be aware of before your next job interview.

1. Keep active. For sites like LinkedIn, it is particularly off putting to employers to find an empty page. Make sure that sites are up to date and frame everything in a positive light. If you have unfinished or neglected profiles, delete them. An empty profile says just as much about you as a full one.

2. Don’t rant. You’ve seen them before, someone taking to Facebook and posting a full-length essay on why they don’t agree with the latest political agenda. Everyone has an opinion, including your employer, so the best bet is to keep out of it. Even more importantly, don’t be seen to rant about work and former employers, it’s unlikely this will get you hired.

3. Keep it PG. We all have drama, nights out and other information that your future employer doesn’t need to know. Posting about all the ins and outs of these events will more than likely see your CV in the bin. As a basic rule, don’t post anything that you wouldn’t tell an employer.

4.Tweet Carefully. Of all social media, Twitter is the most accessible making it the most risky of all. It’s all too easy to post in a quick flash of anger after a bad day but before you tweet, take a minute to think about the risk. An employer will consider your image and whether your image will damage the reputation of the company.

5. Clear outs. An employer wants to see that you have good judgement, that drunken photo of you from university that you have as your profile picture isn’t the best way to convince your future boss that you’re responsible. So a simple way to make sure these photos never hold you back professionally is to do a regular clear out and take down any photos or videos that you would rather weren’t bought up in an interview.


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