Tumblr is one of the biggest social networks of the 21st century that now boasts over 160 million blogs and over 72 billion posts. But while this is one of the most popular and ever-growing websites in the world, only 31 of the top 100 global brands are actively using Tumblr, instead the majority opting for use of Facebook and Twitter.

The average sponsored post on Tumblr gets reblogged 10,000 times, with users spending an average 14 minutes on the website in search of fun and interesting things, so why aren’t more brands utilising it to their advantage? Here are some things you could do to understand this popular networking website:

1) Use the Tumblr tongue

Tumblr allows users to play around with different types of content; you can upload posts based around texts, photos, quotes, links, dialogue, audio, videos and perhaps the most popular – GIFs. If users don’t take this freedom of content for granted, neither should brands and businesses, and for yours to be successful, you need to become acquainted with the Tumblr language. The use of tags are also just as important as having a range of content. Tumblr is organised by tags, similarly to twitter, which make posts popular through user contribution.

2) Visual thinking

The content that hits the niche markets are mainly images, graphics and more commonly, GIFs. Users love to see visually appealing posts that are engaging and eye-catching, so you need to make it impossible for consumers to scroll past your content without reblogging it. Let your audience have control, make competitions for them to create their own version of your content through fan art to give it a revamp. Then they could add their own tags and use reaction GIFs to further spread word and generate interest in your brand.

3) Tumblr makes your content more likely to live longer

It is easier for Tumblr posts to recirculate the website and be found again and again, as opposed to social media outlets such as Twitter, where a tweet can be lost into the abyss within a couple of hours of the tweet being published. Take fashion posts on Tumblr for example, they’re popular and always circulating round the network because there’s a niche and people are interested in it.

4) Tumblr will teach you Tumblr

Karp launched a brand outreach program in 2012, which hired brand strategists to help companies to learn how to use Tumblr. But for more information, brands can go to Tumblr’s Business page or Brands blog, which gives tips to brands that are starting out on the website. Tumblr also launched a Yahoo powered ‘sponsored posts’ program, which allows brands with cash to burn to pay for their content to be featured as a Spotlight post. These posts automatically slip directly into Tumblr users’ dashboard. According to Forbes, a trusted business and finance company, these two spots have more than 120 million impressions each day.

Even Apple are jumping on the use of Tumblr to promote their products – launching the Apple 5c blog was the start of their social media takeover, and they have continued to use eye-catching visuals to draw attention to their brand.

So why don’t you?

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