Here is your latest round up of the top social media changes.

Pinterest Launch Promoted Video

Pinterest has upped their game yet again, with the chance for brands to promote themselves through a video medium on their female-heavy platform (70% of users are female). Video is outperforming ROI over other social networks, so it was an obvious shift for Pinterest.

Video adverts fit natively in the platform, and allows users to watch the brands video, as well as browse their products at the same time. The new advertising product works wonderfully, and we will likely be recommending to a few of our clients that their focus is shifted this way in the following months.

You can see a sample of how this works in the video below.


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Facebook Pages Release A New Look

If you have been using Facebook for long enough you should have noticed that they like changing things. And here is another change. Facebook are once again changing the Page’s layout; and we like it!

But what has changed?

  • More prominent buttons
  • Updated layout
  • Improved navigation

What does this mean to your business?

Not much. However, we should see an increase of click-throughs as a result of the buttons being more prominent and colourful – so make sure these are set-up correctly on your page. Other than that, Facebook said that they have optimised the layout to help users get the information that they need faster.


facebook change layout

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Twitter’s Promoted Stickers

This is a really interesting change, and follows numerous other changes implemented since Jack Dorsey, the original founder, has come back on board as the company CEO. Stickers allow brands to utilise a visual ‘hashtag’, allowing a brand to see and engage with the people who are using their stickers in creative ways.

How this will work in reality will be interesting, and we shall sit and wait to see which brands get behind it. Initially it certainly looks like it will do well, as Pepsi are reportedly the first to jump on this new advertising product.



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