Effective use of social media is the cornerstone to business success, but how can you stand out from the crowd? It is thought that almost 30 percent of a website’s online traffic comes from social media referrals, so every company is fighting for the all important space on their customers’ news feeds. There are some simple, easy ways to improve your social media marketing.

1. Customise your Tweets: Twitter is one of the most competitive platforms. It is fast moving and easy for tweets to get lost in the cluttered live stream. So to make sure that your tweets aren’t among the many ignored, unmemorable ones, customise them. Use emojis, line breaks and photos as these will give your followers a reason to stop scrolling and pay attention to you.

2. Write long posts: When it is appropriate and needed, write a longer post that is highly informative. Obviously Twitter won’t move away from the 140 character limit, but when possible make use of the excellent free marketing opportunity you have.

3. Create Facebook groups: Facebook groups give the opportunity for users to receive business notifications and updates. In turn, it gives business owners the chance to address their target audience. When creating this page make sure that you capture the brand appropriately and photos are of a high quality. Posting regularly is an important part of maintaining and building your group.

4. Make use of call to actions: When posting on Facebook, attach call to actions. These pins will provide your customers with a more interactive experience and you will find that your online traffic grows quickly.

5. Multi-platform: Having a prominent online presence keeps at the front of your audience’s minds. Don’t rely on just one, make use of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus and any other networks that are appropriate for you brand. Each online platform offers a unique advantage so make the most of what each one has to offer you. Once you have pages set up, make sure you use them all regularly, an empty page can be very telling and could lose you potential customers and clients.

6. Make a connection: To make the most of the incredible opportunity you have, encourage interaction between your customers. it is more than likely that your clients will have common interests and connecting like-minded people can be highly beneficial for your company.

7. Be visual: Images can be a great way to communicate you brand’s identity. It is often the case; particularly on Twitter, that photos and other images stick in people’s minds far longer than written posts when used well. Try to mix the two when possible.

8. Never play it safe: If your posts are too safe, that can translate to being boring. Taking a few risks, being conversational and fun is unique and approachable. customers will feel closer to your brand and more likely to trust and use you. You content is also much more likely  to be shared if it is quirky.

9. Be bold: A confident company that stands by its actions is a much more trustworthy company. If customers think you’re unreliable and unlikely to stand by your actions then they are more than likely not going to use your company.

10. Positivity: Try to avoid jumping on any negative angry mobs. Everybody has an opinion on matters of the public interest, but it is important to be a professional when it comes to these matters. If your pages are seen to be ranting and negative it can be very off-putting to customers.

11. Structure: If you approach your website’s users for feedback, give them some guidance. If you don’t you responses may be somewhat limited. If you suggest a format for the response, people will be able to give more personal replies.




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